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Dec 8, 2013 6:00am PST
you like to restrict the surveillance by the national security agency? >> i would like to apply the fourth amendment to third-party records. i don't think you give up your privacy when someone else holds your records. when i have a contract with a phone company, i think those are still my records. and you can look at them if you're from the government if you ask a judge. but the most important thing is, a warrant applies to one person. a warrant doesn't apply to everyone in america. so it's absolutely against the spirit and the letter of the fourth amendment to say that a judge can write one warrant and you can get every phone call in america. that's what's happening. i think it's wrong. it goes against everything america stands for. and i will help to fight that all the way to the supreme court. and we need the supreme court to re-examine privacy, the fourth amendment and our records. >> so you would ban, if you could, mass data mining. this huge vacuum hoovering up of information? >> i'm for going after terrorists with every tool we have. i'm not opposed to the nsa. i'm not oppose
Dec 9, 2013 10:00pm PST
national security agency. the today facebook ceo mark zuckerberg issued a letter to demand using files and independent oversite of government surveillance programs. >>> construction of the google barrage near treasure island is on hiatus. the bay conservation says the project probably won't be finished until spring. google has to make design changes to the inside as requested by the coast guard. the bcdc is investigating whether google has the proper permits for the barge's construction. >>> ktvu's robert handa spoke about department moral and the one thing the city will be able to count on in the near future. >> reporter: esquivel has been the interim chief and tomorrow he will be offered the job. >> you don't look like someone who's up and leaving. >> although my stuff is packed, it has never been unpacked. >> reporter: a search turned up several candidates all rejected by community leaders. >> reporter: did you ever picture yourself becoming the chief. >> no i did not. i tell you, i take great pride and it's a privilege sitting here. there have been a few ups and downs and i'm not going to kid you on that. there's some things that i could hav
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2